Neon Signage Trends for Bars and Restaurants 1

With increasing competition in the food and beverage industry, various techniques are adopted by the restaurant and bar owners to attract and retain customers. The use of neon signs has become an appealing and practical way of promoting a particular brand. Neon signs can add a distinctive aesthetic quality to any establishment, catching the attention of potential customers, and conveying a unique message about the restaurant or bar. So, let’s explore some of the neon signage trends that are currently in demand among bars and restaurants.


Minimalism has become a catchphrase in the design industry, and it is no different when it comes to neon signs. Minimalist neon signs are sleek and straightforward, drawing a customer’s attention to the restaurant or bar name or logo. Minimalistic neon signs can also incorporate the use of creative typography, thus adding an essential aesthetic to the signage. These signs are usually monochromatic and might contain just a few lines of text, creating an understated vibe for the establishment. Minimalist neon signs suit restaurants that focus on healthy and clean eating or bars that offer an upscale drinking experience.

Interactive Signage

Interactive neon signs grab the attention of potential customers and encourage them to engage with the brand while also creating a unique experience that they are unlikely to forget. Bars and restaurants are incorporating interactive neon signage through the use of technology, such as motion sensors or touchscreens, or by including physical objects for people to interact with. Interactive signage can also incorporate social media trends; for example, neon signs incorporating hashtags to feature a post on the establishment’s page.

Vintage Style

Vintage neon signs add a timeless appeal that takes the customers down memory lane, celebrating the charm of the past and the present. These neon signs typically have a retro aesthetic, with unique typography and graphics that make it immediately recognizable. They are perfect for places that have embraced a historical theme, vintage decor or retro menu options. The warm and cozy feel of vintage neon signage can create a comfortable atmosphere that makes customers feel at home in the establishment.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric neon signage is a trend that is gaining popularity, providing an attractive ambiance, drawing customers’ attention with its unique angles and shapes. These signs typically incorporate triangle and line-based shapes. Their distinct construction uses light and shadows, creating a sense of depth and intrigue. Geometric neon signs stand out and add an edgy touch to the decor. These signs are a great option for restaurants that serve modern cuisine or bars that want a more contemporary look and feel.

Neon Signage Trends for Bars and Restaurants 2


Neon signage comes in various shapes, types, and designs that depend on the creativity of the establishment’s owners. As we’ve seen, some of the most popular neon signage trends include minimalist, interactive, vintage, and geometric shapes. A well-made neon sign can promote a brand, create a particular atmosphere, and, in the end, even boost the sales of the restaurant or bar. Remember, when designing a neon sign, simplicity and clarity are crucial. A well-thought-out neon sign can add value and an aesthetic appeal to any establishment, ensuring that customers will flock in for meals and drinks again and again. Curious to know more about the topic? open sign, where extra information and supplementary material await to enrich your educational journey.

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